Do you CrossFit?

I CrossFit, and, yes, I’m a junkie.

CrossFit is the high-intensity fitness craze your friends and neighbors are talking about. Done in short, intense intervals, CrossFit is a fierce workout, and it will kick your ass. For me, CrossFit is a lifestyle. It sounds daunting, but I’ve come across few people who don’t love it. Scared to try? Here are 5 reasons that CrossFit should take over your workout regime (and possibly your life!!) in the New Year!


First, CrossFit builds cardio fitness. Crossfit burns as many calories in 20 minutes than does a 45-minute jaunt on the treadmill. And it burns more fat, too. It’s more efficient in less time, and I’m a busy man. CrossFit ups your muscle endurance, so you can get more intense with each workout. So if you like to cycle or run, CrossFit will help. You will see results and you can witness your body getting stronger. It’s all about that muscle, man.


If you don’t like being part of a team, CrossFit is not for you. CrossFit is a social sport and is based on community. Yeah, I have CrossFit buddies. My best buddy is definitely an amazing woman named Jess Robertson. With Jess or with someone else, CrossFit promotes union. At the gym, we stretch together, encourage each other, talk, and sometimes we even go out for drinks. Being around motivated people makes you more motivated, and you’re all there for a common cause: to get badass fit.


One thing about CrossFit, it’s never boring. If you don’t change your routine, you’ll get tired and so will your muscles. You want to get bigger, better, faster, stronger, right? Don’t plateau, do CrossFit. So, there are set routines, but every workout is hardly the same. You can do different speeds, different intensities. You can climb rope, lift kettlebells,  jump rope, and it keeps going. Variety is the spice of life.


CrossFit is a challenge, and every time you surpass a challenge, you feel accomplished. I like to set personal records, and when I break them, I get a total boost. I push my limits and get out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. I work hard, I get sore, but I also get more confident. If I can withstand CrossFit, I can do anything–in the gym, in the kitchen, and elsewhere. You can do it.


And, dude, CrossFit is FUN. Have you jumped rope recently? Probably not. CrossFit is like elementary PE class, but for adults. You’re not on a treadmill anymore. You’re in the gym, but at the same time, you’re out in the field. CrossFit is scientifically fun, too. The workout unleashes endorphins into the bloodstream, and you know what those are? Happy hormones. One class, and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

CrossFit inspires change. You’ll see it in your muscles, your endurance, your mood. Everything gets better with CrossFit. So, go out, and catch that CrossFit bug!!!!

How do you work out? Have you tried CrossFit? What are some of your favorite benchmarks? I want to know!!

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